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We offer a broad range of consulting services that are customized to fit your organization’s needs. We are here to help you to achieve optimal asset performance. Our approach is to keep a laser focus on guiding each business through development of the best way to integrate asset management into the very fabric of their organizations. In so doing, we enable people, processes, and technology to operate in a more holistic fashion in order to make the business more competitive while achieving operational excellence.

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Total Process Reliability (TPR)

This program is a cornerstone of TBR Strategies. It provides the best results available on the market when it comes to maintenance and reliability optimization. We approach the TPR process in five phases covering the following aspects: Gap Analysis; Support Network Development; Deployment Planning; Education, Training and Execution; and Evaluation. It is a structured process to engage the organization in asset management. It is based on the Japanese concept of Total Productive Maintenance.

Maintenance Effectiveness Assessment (MEA)

An unbiased and comprehensive analysis of your maintenance systems, strengths and weaknesses. Takes from one to three weeks on-site. Examines maintenance practices, culture, support resource availability, operator care, skill levels, and readiness of the organization to support and sustain a maintenance improvement effort. Comparisons are made to recommended practices, industry averages, Best in Class, and World Class benchmarks and a gap analysis is developed.

Executive Overviews

A condensed two-hour awareness session designed to establish support from executives and senior managers who have limited time for educational sessions. Understand what TPR is, how it can help an organization, the investment and ROI, and what will be required to support the process.

Strategic Planning

We can facilitate a retreat to develop an organization’s strategic plan using the Balanced Scorecard approach. This includes the development or refinement of a vision, mission, goals, core principles, key performance indicators, initiatives for implementation, and an implementation plan.

Steering Council Organization

Formation of a Steering Council and Implementation Team to lead improvement efforts. Senior management spearheads the process while Implementation Team(s) drive the implementation. Vision, mission, goals and key performance metrics are established. An implementation plan is then developed.

Employee TPR Overviews

Four-hour awareness sessions to educate employees about the TPR process, its benefits, and expectations. Provides a better understanding of TPR principles, why the organization has chosen TPR, benefits to the individual and organization, what they will be called upon to do to support the process, and next steps.

TPR Strategy Development

A unique planning process used to develop a comprehensive action plan and tactical implementation steps. This begins in the Steering Council Workshop. Individual steps are listed, resources identified and dates agreed upon. Pilot equipment and areas are also selected. Balanced Scorecards guide the strategy and a Dashboard to track progress. A process for communicating changes is also developed. Part of this step also includes setting up benchmark visits to study exemplary performance at other locations.

TBR Strategies, LLC

TBR stands for Team-Based Reliability, an approach that engages the people in your organization in improving reliability and maintenance of your equipment.

TBR Strategies, LLC is able to achieve desired results by getting your employees to work together toward a common goal...fleet uptime. TBR has extensive experience in construction fleets, pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil and gas production.


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