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TBR Strategies has worked in multiple industries to bring about organizational change in the shop and in the field via Total Process Reliability (TPR). TPR focuses on equipment reliability and efficient asset management techniques that unify your entire organization. Through customized application, we facilitate and initiate a perfected improvement process that produces dramatic results. This chance is facilitated through the application of tools like Lean concepts, Six Sigma elements and Breakthrough Strategy.

Here are a few examples of how we have been able to help companies across a wide variety of industries. Each one shows a customized approach to quick identification and correction of asset vulnerabilities. What they all share is correction of operational and equipment inefficiencies that adversely impacted the organization’s financial health.

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Case Studies

Finding Sucess with Operator Care Programs
Climbing out of the rabbit hole
Reducing Financial Losses in Maintenance
Eliminating Downtime- A Structured Approach to World Class - Barriere
Providing a cure for ailing equipment
Repeat Business Barriere Company wins AEMP Fleet Master Award
One Company's Leadership for World Class
Storm Recovery Barriere
Building Equipment Ownership Pays Big for Pipeline Contractors
Total Reliability News
Increasing equipment uptime and reliability
Productivity is the Bottom Line -Barrierre
The TPR Difference - Company reduces maintenance costs and solidifies business operations
How equipment improvement process saved company $500000 in maintenance costs
Changing the Maintenance Mindset
Maintenance tips from equipment manufacturers
Barriere Battles Back - Construction Equipment
Paving the Way to Inventory and Maintenance Control Management
Finding Sucess with Operator Care Programs
Life-Enhancing Biotherapeutics Company Nets Healthier Equipment
The Chances for Contaminiation are Ever present
The Chances for Contaminiation are Ever present
Frontline Maintenance with Operator Care


A truck TPR CLAIRE event held at Baker Rock in Beaverton, OR
setting up and maintaining on-site fuel tanks
The Chances for Contaminiation are Ever present
setting up and maintaining on-site fuel tanks
CMMS Implementation
Equipment Repair Evolution Revolution Part 1
Equipment Repair Evolution Revolution Part 2
Choosing a CMMS
CMMS Implementation
Can we address the shortage of oilfield mechanics and improve retention of the ones we have
Kicking your PM program up a notch
Who's going to fix the rigs?
Talecris takes control of equipment reliability through ToPR
Writing in the margins - bringing order to maintenance management
Drastically cutting unplanned maintenance with Total Process Reliability TPR
Six steps to lower maintenance costs
Using operator basic care to improve preventive maintenance
Strategies for improving your return on training
The cost of TPM Implementation
Preventive-Maintenance Program shines
Keeping your equipment clean gives you a leg up in preventive maintenance
Making Bad Employees Good
Just what is world class maintenance
Fixing the fixer problem - stemming the loss
Changing maintenance practices to achieve World Class Maintenance
Bring Some Order to Maintenance Management
Are your maintenance costs in line
Achieving World Class Fleet Management Means Viewing Maintenance in a Different Light
Using the Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators to Drive Your Business
When does this get better
The P-F Curve - Fighting the urge to offer maintenance during challenging economic times
The Essential Half - building a better performer
75 Ways to Reduce Equipment Costs in a Downturned Market
Avoiding weak links in the supply chain
How to reduce equipment costs without cutting maintenance
Determing your companys training needs with a job task analysis
A debt to be paid - employing our veterans
Managing Millennials - 15 tips for manaing the new workforce
Utilizing the 5Ss - Complete commitment of all five pillars
Improve your decision precision - 8 steps to help aim for better business choices
What the heck is an MRO
Grease guns - a front line defense in the war on friction
Harnessing the Power of CMMS
Addressing the labor shortfall in the construction industry
74 tips for reducing equipment costs
Outsourcing Decisions
Cutting fleet costs through benchmarking
Meet the new boss - not the same as the old boss
Equipment cleaning begins where we can't see it - inside
Fleet maintenance - keeping equipment clean
Planning keys effective maintenance
Solving the fleet technician shortage
Do we really need preventative maintenance
Total Process Reliability
Use benchmarks to judge
Why do employees resist change
Cutting fleet costs through benchmarking2


TBR Strategies, LLC

TBR stands for Team-Based Reliability, an approach that engages the people in your organization in improving reliability and maintenance of your equipment.

TBR Strategies, LLC is able to achieve desired results by getting your employees to work together toward a common goal...fleet uptime. TBR has extensive experience in construction fleets, pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil and gas production.


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